Why the ARIA Coffee Roasting process?


Because this is how Mother Nature intended coffee to taste.

Have you ever overpaid for a cup of coffee (or a bag of drum roasted beans) only to find the coffee tasted stale, burnt and bitter? I have and I didn't like it.

So, I decided to do something about it.

Our ARIA roasting process is an innovative and radical improvement to the roasting process that brings out the full and natural flavor of the coffee without any bitterness and burnt taste.

What is radical about Aria roasted coffee? Great question!

- ARIA Roasting doesn’t burn the bean or the chaff like the drum roasting process. 

Our organic, fair trade specialty coffee beans are roasted on demand in small batches just for you. The beans don't sit in a warehouse for weeks getting old waiting to be delivered to a supermarket. 

We buy only the very best specialty beans; we never ship has beans!

- Shipped on the same day the beans are roasted.

We ARIA roast our quality beans by suspending and spinning them on a soft bed of hot air inside the roasting chamber. The vortex roasts each individual bean evenly without any hot spots.

When the coffee beans pop and crack during air roasting, the chaff, a skin on the outer bean, is blown way from the beans into a separate chamber. This is crucial!. If the chaff remains in the roasting chamber, they burn and smoke giving the coffee a somewhat bitter burnt taste destroying the natural full flavor of the coffee bean. Once the desired roast level is reached, our master roaster removes the heat source and triggers the cooling process.

Our specialty ARIA roasted beans are then bagged, labeled and shipped to you full of flavor and freshness just like Mother Nature intended.

You'll love your ARIA roasted coffee.



FAQ: I buy my coffee for $10 for a 12 ounce bag at the grocery store. Why should I pay more for LOVEz Coffee?

Sadly, most commodity coffee beans are mass produced by farmers living in or near poverty; a $10 bag of coffee simply doesn't send enough money their way to offer any hope of a better life. It's a miserable reality, but one that's changing thanks to the specialty coffee industry.

Our beans cost more than $10 per bag because we partner with sustainability minded farmers who pay fair wages, empower their local communities and grow amazing high quality coffee beans.

We source our beans via the direct trade model, meaning we deal directly with farmers. This removes middlemen (and women) and brings a better profit and return to farmers and their farms. Imagine your own business losing money on every transaction. As a famous actor friend of mine says: “it’s show business, not show play.”  Quality beans are important to our customers; equally important, are our farmers and their families. We can’t have high quality specialty beans without knowledgeable farmers.  

Our specialty beans air roasted on demand and delivered to you fresh and flavourful may be more expensive, but we’re not satisfied with the status quo.

Together with our customers, we're working towards a better world, and as consumers, not spending our coffee dollars on unsustainable $10 bags of stale commodity beans is a powerful way we play our part.


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Testimonials: You comments make us better, not bitter.

Air roasted beans are what Mother Nature intended coffee to taste like.
I noticed right away, upon opening the bag, that the beans didn’t have the same bitter/burnt/harsh smell as other coffee beans. I even opened another bag of coffee I had to compare the smell. When I had the first sip, the first thought that hit me was how smooth it tasted. I’ve never had coffee that smooth and every sip provided the same texture. The taste was very good but the biggest differences from other coffee’s were the smoothness and the smell. So far, the stomach is fine. 😁 I liked the personal note inside.
Thank you, Bernie! Enjoying my coffee on the patio! Love it!
Hey Bernie, Just wanted to drop a note and let you know that today I got my first bag of coffee. It's really good. Definitely better than Starbucks.