Espresso Air Roasted Specialty Coffee Beans - 1 lb or 2 lb bag


Our smooth expertly air roasted Espresso reveals deep rich flavor notes of dark chocolate, raspberry, creamy and walnut tasting notes. Using a secret blend of robusta and arabica, the beans are grown, harvested, washed and dried in the Northwest region of Cameroon.

Through the Kribi Farm Collaborative, we are partners with 600 small farms in the NW of Cameroon. We work directly with our farmers to implement practices to increase yields and quality.

This collaboration brings us closer to achieving our goal of creating economic stability through sustainable sourcing practices, and illustrates the importance of developing strong agricultural economies throughout the world. One small region can truly affect the livelihood of many.

Our LOVEz beans are hand crafted and air roasted in small batches for amazing flavor and shipped to you on the same day we air roast. Recommended Roast: Very Dark (Espresso) We ship in 1 lb or 2 lb bag.