Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Air Roasted Specialty Coffee Beans


The ancient Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Arabica beans are a coffee connoisseur's dream, offering a flavor profile that dances with the seasons. These beans boast above-average acidity, exceptional sweetness, and a satisfying body.

Cultivated at an elevation of 1900 meters in Ethiopia, the harvest kicks off in October and concludes with exports in March. Farmers employ a gentle, natural processing method for the ripe cherries, meticulously turning them every few hours over approximately 18 days to prevent over-fermentation.

Sourced from family-owned farms in the Yirgacheffe district of the Gedeo Zone, this natural-processed Ethiopian bean is gathered at the Aricha Mill, operated by Cherab na Betesebu and family. Over 650 small coffee producers deliver their ripe cherries, which undergo careful sorting and are laid out on raised drying beds. The result is a coffee with a velvety, nutty finish adorned with floral and citrus notes, inviting you to savor the ever evolving essence of Yirgacheffe beans.

Recommended Roast: Light-Medium. We ship in 1 lb or 2 lb bag