Our Coffee

From Africa and Indonesia to South and Central America, LOVEz coffee grows in some of the world’s most fertile, productive organic soils by fair trader farmers. Whatever their origin, each LOVEz Coffee bean matures amid a near-perfect balance of elevation, volcanic earth, moisture, sun and shade. When you combine these elements to our air process, you can taste the full-flavoured profile of all LOVEz' coffees.

LOVEz air roasted coffee beans

Our roasters treat every bean with respect. We want the final product, the roasted bean, to showcase their full natural flavor profile. Air roasting is our secret process that gently air roast the bean to perfection.

LOVEz coffee beans air roasted on demand.

Consider this: The average shelf life of roasted coffee beans is only about three weeks. Because of mass market distribution channels, big brand coffee beans available at your supermarket were most likely roasted a few months ago. Sadly, their commodity beans have lost most of their flavor.

LOVEz specialty beans are roasted on demand. You’ll smell and taste the difference in every LOVEz cup. In fact, many of our coffee loving customers say they’ll never go back to regular coffee.

Order a pound today and see for yourself.