100% money back guarantee

LOVEz Coffee provides a fifteen (15) day 100% money back guarantee from the time of your purchase if you’re not completely satisfied with our air roasted beans.

Returns, credit towards a future product or a full refund

If you’re: a) unhappy with our coffee beans, b) you received a defective or damaged product; or, c) we completely screwed up your order, you may return the beans in their original container within fifteen (15) days of delivery for an exchange of the same bean or a credit towards a future order or a full refund.


We’ll exchange your defective, damaged package or beans with a new bag of the same bean type.

We’ll pay the shipping cost when you send the exchanged coffee using the same shipping process of the original product.

We’ll cover the shipping when we send you a replacement bag.


If you’re not ready to place an order to exchange your defective, damaged package or beans, we’ll give you credit (at the same price) for a future purchase within 12 months issuing the credit.


If we can’t make you a happy bean with a replacement or a credit towards a future purchase, we’ll gladly refund you the total price of your purchase.

We want you to be a happy bean !!!

For more information, please contact: returns@lovezcoffee.com