Health Check: What Are ‘Coffee Naps’ and Can They Help You Power Through the Day?

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Caffeine and napping have something in common. Both make you feel alert and can enhance your performance, whether that’s driving, working or studying. But some people are convinced that drinking a coffee before a nap gives you an extra zap of energy when you wake up.

How could that be? Is there any evidence to back the power of these so-called coffee naps? Or are we better off getting a good night’s sleep?

By Chin Moi Chow

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What Is A Caffeine Crash? Plus, 3 Tips To Prevent It From Happening

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One of Dr Pedre's clients mentioned he had been feeling extreme fatigue along with irritability, especially in the afternoon. "Around 3 p.m., I get drowsy, and focusing on work feels impossible," he told me during a virtual consultation. The opposite problem occurred at night as he struggled to fall and stay asleep. 
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Best Way To Keep Your Coffee Beans Fresh For A Flavorful Brew

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No matter how you prepare your morning cup of coffee, there's one common denominator: the coffee itself. But are there ways to store your favorite coffee beans to keep them more fresh?

We spoke to Margaret Nyamumbo, a third-generation coffee farmer and the founder and CEO of Kahawa 1893, about all the best ways to store your coffee. Based in California, Kahawa 1893 works directly with female coffee farmers in Kenya.

So, what is the best way to store coffee beans?

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Light, Medium and Dark Roast Coffee. What is the difference? Isn’t all coffee the same?

Bernie Melanson

  Light, Medium and Dark Roast Coffee. What is the difference? Isn’t all coffee the same? Light, Medium and Dark roasted coffee is quite different in the color of the roasted bean and more importantly, their respective flavor profile. In this article, I will dig a little deeper to remove the smoke and mirror of roasting. In the early days of coffee, consumers bought a cup of coffee at the diner (remember the coffee pot burning coffee on the heating element) or service stations. The beans we bought at the grocer or supermarket came in a tin can to “seal...

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Coffee Grind and Why Size Matters

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Grind size can be the difference in a delicious or an unpleasant, bitter cup of coffee. Learn why grind size matters and which setting you should be using for your coffee at home.

There are some real joys working from home: shorter commutes, wearing our fluffy slippers, access to dark chocolate chips stored in the freezer, better eating habits (frozen chocolate chips are healthy, right?), and of course, some respite from the shitty drip coffee burning on the heating element in the staff lunch room.

Many elements combine to create a perfect coffee: freshly air roasted specialty beans, the quality of the water, appropriate water temperature, the brewing method and the proper grind for the brewing method. For this article, let’s focus on the grind. We know our air roasted coffee is fabulous.


Written By Taylor Martin 

Making better coffee at home is spending a little extra time on a few, simple steps, such as using the correct temperature water, weighing coffee instead measuring by volume, and grinding your own beans on the sp

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Ethiopian Coffee Origin and History

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 Coffee has been growing in Ethiopia for thousands of years, in the forests of south western highlands. The word coffee drives from Kaffa, name of a place in the South Western Ethiopian highlands where coffee was first discovered.
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